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GoaliE Development Program



(GADP) Consists of 3 Different Program Lengths

16 WEEK Program (April 30th - August 19th)

You must be 14 or older to enroll in the 16 week program.

12 WEEK Program (May 28th - August 19th)

12 or older to enroll in the 12 week program

8 WEEK Program (June 25th - August 19th)

12 or older to enroll in the 8 week program

There is a Junior Strength Training segment within the 12 and 8 week Programs which will be age related for safety.

Within each program length you have two program options

GOLD - (3 Strength Training Workouts Per Week)

SILVER - (2 Strength Training Workouts Per Week)

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Every Workout is 120 Minutes (2 Hours)

(GADP) Will Focus on the Following Components

Functional Strength Development

Speed Strength Development

Explosive Strength Development

Sports Balance Training

Goalie Specific Drills:

  •  The goalies will have specific exercises design to improve the movement patterns required for goalies in the nets (by becoming more explosive but also at the same time having better control of their movement). 

Muscular Reaction Training for Goalies:

  • The program is designed with drills to improve Visual Reaction, Concentration, Eye-Hand Coordination, Peripheral Awareness, Focus and Tracking

Core / Rotational Strength Development: 

  • Especially important for goalies as a well designed program will have a positive influence of all areas of movement / performance in the nets (the ability to maintain trunk position during explosive movements, change of direction, up / downs, and regaining balance.

Also Included in the Program

  • A Three Week Conditioning Program to do on your own and at home, to prepare you for the start of your Goalie Athletic Development Program
  • Each month there will be testing done to monitor and measure your progress
  • All programs will receive 10 extra days from August 20th until the 30th to train at no charge as this is the time that most tryouts are taking place.


"Our focus is on the improvement of athleticism,

which enables athletes to become more skillful,

and dominate on their playing surface."